Dripped Goods

Dripped Goods offers hand-crafted wearable treasures, made slow with care, to cherish for a long time.

Born from the desire to create unique jewels that you can enjoy for the long run, our ethos is all about making things slowly and sustainably in the UK. We are anti-fast fashion at our core and stand for quality and longevity, whilst still adding some fun into personal adornment.

Jewels are created using an ancient method called lost-wax casting, which is a slow and mindful process. Made to order, or in small batches here in the UK, elements are carved or sculpted by hand before being cast into recycled sterling silver, and hand-finished. The nature of these processes means there can be slight variations and small imperfections in appearance, but this is part of their charm and should be celebrated, it’s all good!

Founder, Amy, has developed a signature technique whereby she travels to local landmarks and creates ‘souvenir’ jewellery. By taking impressions of the physical space in wax and then casting into metal, the jewels surface is imprinted with these textures. Preserved eternally in metal, they capture memories of place for the wearer.

This technique is showcased in the 2022 medals for the World Gymnastic Championships, designed by Amy. Bespoke souvenir jewellery can be made on request to a location that’s special to you!