Lazykate Textiles

Cathy and Jessamy Wright are a mum and daughter team teaching weaving and spinning workshops in and around the Liverpool area, with a studio in the Brewery Village where they host their workshops.

Their courses range from complete beginners to advanced and allow people to fall in love with these heritage crafts and use them in a contemporary way

During their weaving workshops, attendees choose which coloured yarns they would like to work with and Cathy will dye to order, then on the workshop they will be taught to weave a scarf to take home. Naturally dyed yarns are also available to use, many colours foraged from our local area.

There is also a Two Day Weaving Workshop where the whole rigid heddle weaving process is taught along with pattern techniques and finishing stitches

During their spinning workshops, attendees use fully traceable fibre from North West farms and are able to spin a skein of handspun yarn to take home with them

Because Cathy and Jessamy dye the yarns themselves, they are able to advise and support people in their woven pieces, helping them to get the best out of their weaving to produce gorgeous garments.