Natalia Juan Abello

I’m an illustrator that specialises in children’s illustration, but with time I have noticed that my prints appeal to all ages. I sell printed paper products: art prints, greeting cards, baby milestone cards, colouring books, stickers and some original ink/watercolour drawings.

My work is uplifting, and has hints of magic, but at the same time takes inspiration from moments of everyday life. My card designs are unique, and I work on each one as if I was to send that card to someone I love. When I work on a new illustration, I love creating images that we can see ourselves in, even if the character is a bear or a badger.

When I was a kid, I specially liked anthropomorphic characters; I loved Snoopy, Babar, Doraemon… and my favourite Disney film was always Robin Hood. I think this is something that stayed with me, and I often use it in my work to create uplifting images that are comforting and playful, with the added magic of non-realistic character. I like exploring storytelling in all illustration formats, from art prints to greeting cards and even patterned fabric.

To create my illustrations I use a combination of traditional and digital media. I like the colour control and graphic neatness of digital work, but I always use traditional tools to draw details and create textures, which I scan and use to create the finished, digital pieces.

I take a lot of pride in the quality of my products. They’re all professionally printed to a high standars, and I select the paper stock with great care.

When it comes to selling online, I always make sure that my products are well protected, and I wrap each one with care, adding a little handwritten thank you note to each one.