Sophie’s Emporium

All of my work is completely unique created in my studio in Liverpool. Making it a truly one off purchase. I sell decorative items and home accessories including Christmas decorations and gifts. I also sell original art work, framed pieces, prints and canvases. I focus on the surface using mixed media processes and techniques. The surface is the most important element of my work. It is the foundation for everything to connect together. This is the essence of each piece which provides a framework for the colour and composition. Although my work is often inspired by the landscape and nature it is fundamentally about memory and experience often appearing as abstraction too.

My use of colour could be described as sensual and ethereal, the atmosphere and sense of being is important, I want to create calmness and connection. I often use a variety of media to create my mixed media works, snippets of time literally captured through collection as this unites itself within the surface and composition.

I am interested in the creative process, escapism and how art allows us to discover new experiences visually and spiritually.

All if my collages are created from recycled and often vintage papers and all of my packaging is recycled. Each piece is labelled and presented ready for purchase with my signature branding.