Western Spiral Art

My name is Esther Cole. I’m a doctor based in Liverpool and do arts and crafts in my spare time. I set up Western Spiral Art in 2016 as a way to use my love of science fiction and fantasy to inspire others to get into making things. I encourage people to use their favourite books, movies and TV shows to get creative. We use these as an adventure playground to inspire you to make things – magic wands, movie props and colouring books.

My sci-fi and fantasy craft projects are available to purchase online on my Etsy shop. Each magic wand purchased online is crafted using chopsticks and hot glue, painted and varnished and comes with a free plain magic wand that you can decorate yourself. My hope is that you’ll get the confidence to make your own craft projects which is a lot of fun.

I also do a number of events throughout the year, including Liverpool Makefest, Comic Cons and craft workshops. Anybody of any age or ability can get involved in our workshops or have a go at decorating their wand at home. I love it when people show me their art and I also share my customers’ craft projects through my social media pages.



Western Spiral Art Magic Wand Holder