I am the sole maker and designer for woolythoughts which has been my Etsy shop for over ten years. in the most part I produce hand knitted items such as hats, gloves and decorative items such as mini animals and the very popular Daleks.

I pride myself on offering good quality items for a fair price made in as many colours as possible and in the case of wearable accessories a wide range of fibres to help anyone with allergies. Many items can be made to a customer’s specific size or colour.

Knitted items make particularly good gifts as they are easy to wrap and send.

All items are individually hand knitted by me in various yarns. I particularly use a lot of natural fibres such as alpaca and wool especially for the hats and gloves. Decorative items such as the Daleks and small animals are mostly made in acrylic yarn.

I have been producing and selling my work through my etsy site for over 10 years and have taken part in several of the Arts Markets both the summer and winter ones.

My main ethos is to produce something that is unavailable in normal stores such as a very wide range of colours. I also can make all designs to order and am happy to alter sizes when required. I am also happy to be challenged to produce something unique for a customer

Prices range from £4 for a small knitted animal to £40 for a matching hat and gloves set.