Yours Naturally, Naturally Yours

A desperate mum, who took weekend beauty courses to learn how to develop skincare products after seeing her son struggling with psoriasis and eczema, is now running a successful beauty brand.

Georgina Tang, 59, from Liverpool, described how it was ‘pure desperation’ that led her to create her own shea butter balm in 2013.

Her nine year old son, Alessio, who suffers from an auto immune condition, was undergoing chemotherapy that was causing his skin to crack, bleed and become infected.

After repeated trips to his GP and dermatologist and seeing no improvement from steroid and emollient creams she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Georgina, whose brand Yours Naturally Naturally Yours Limited started in 2014, said: “This was never the plan. I was just a mum who wanted to do anything I could to stop my son suffering. Chemotherapy can be devastating for people’s skin and hair. My son was so young, I would have done anything I could to help him.”

She completed courses in how to make body butters, bath bombs and hair products and used her knowledge of skincare ingredients to start trying new recipes from her kitchen.
“I realised I had the knowledge of how to make the products and I just needed to try it. Within a month of using my cream his skin was clear. It was life changing for him.

“We had tried so many different products that when this one worked it really felt like a miracle. It made the chemotherapy much more bearable.”

From there Georgina created a shampoo and a conditioner to aid hair grow, as one night she found hair on his pillow that had fallen out. Devastated she became determined to create the best hair products for her son. It wasn’t long before she realised she had a successful business on her hands.

She said: “When people saw his skin and how good it looked they started asking me what I was using so I started sharing it with people that were undergoing cancer treatments. I hadn’t ever considered bottling it and selling it, I just wanted to help people, but soon I left my job to work on the business full time.”

Customers were using her shea butter balms to help with nappy rash, psoriasis, dermatitis or even just as a moisturiser.

She then started learning more about anti-aging and developed a skincare range that included an Elixir serum that has been used by celebrities and white labelled by beauty salons.

Georgina said: “I never dreamt I could create something that would have such an impact on people’s lives. Customers call my serum ‘Botox in a bottle’ as it literally turning back the aging clock and so many cancer sufferers have said how the products have made their treatment more bearable.”